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About us

My name is Shirley May and I am the mother of Jims (4 years old) and Maes (1 year old).
We live together with papa Jim in St. Willebrord.
From an early age I have been looking for and collecting the nicest baby and toddler products.
As a teenager I had 6 little brothers and sisters and partly because of that I had my own desire to have children at an early age.

When I finally got pregnant myself after a long IVF process, I noticed that it was difficult to find all the nice products that I came across on social media or on the street.
I couldn't find especially nice products such as hats, bibs pacifiers, pacifier cords, unique clothes, but also larger products such as cribs and beds in 1 store. 👶🤰
This is how the idea for May Mays was born, an online store where you can find all fun but especially unique baby and toddler products in 1 place.

How and when did the company start?

I have always worked in Jim's company (Meerdo ICT) as a telephone operator and as a web designer. I always made web shops and websites for other companies and I have built a web shop for myself a number of times, but I always didn't dare to put it online. In the end I put the webshop online on October 14, 2019 with the first goal of 1 order within a week and this was ultimately successful. Everything was still in the back of the living room in a few boxes. It got busier and I have more and more nice products and new brands. Now our own May Mays collection is almost arriving, which we have worked super hard on with beautiful clothes and hair accessories size 50 to 98

We understand the importance of satisfied customers and we do everything for the smile of the parents and children!