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Article: Little Dutch doll: soft, friendly and full of fun

Little Dutch pop: zacht, vriendelijk en vol met speelplezier - May Mays

Little Dutch doll: soft, friendly and full of fun

Why a Little Dutch doll is so popular

Watching your child discover and play is the most beautiful thing there is. Every age has something special, from the moment your child makes the first grasping movements for hanging toys, to hours of chatting and sharing stories with a Little Dutch doll or cuddly toy.

In addition to being fun, playing is also very good for the development of your child. Playing is good for motor, sensory and social development. In addition, it ensures development on the intellectual, creative and emotional level. Certainly playing alone - and especially with a doll or a cuddly toy - contributes to the development of empathy, imagination and stimulates your child's independence.

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